The Making of PATIENCE

It's been sometime since I wrote a full EP and like all the times before I both love and hated all the challenges and steps to get the end result. I feel that a lot of this EP is very much a revisiting of where I left off after finishing with my band (Another Day Down) back in 2007. At the same time it feels like an evolution into creating something new and exciting, where I get to learn everything about music all over again.

The Process

Coming up with the ideas, developing structure, melding different sounds together, I really love that aspect of creating music. It's the playful part of the production process, where you can just sit and manipulate various sounds until you feel something in what you've developed. You’re not really aiming to have any structure at this point, only to find interesting sounds, however you can’t make an EP of strictly interesting sounds. The other side of the process is putting together the sonic jigsaw puzzle. Arranging, layering and seeing the bigger picture of where the track is headed before you've finished it. It was this particular process that was the one I had to really concentrate on while making the EP. Things like making sure that everything feels like it’s together, that the flow of the whole song has good movement and feeling, that sort of thing. I feel that the result however has definitely been worth the pain/ learning curves and late nights and cups of coffee and frustration...etc etc.


The Emotions

But enough about the technical side of the music creation. From an emotional perspective, this project has been exciting and really scary. Let me explain those two feelings. It’s exciting because I’m learning, i’m creating again, I’m pushing myself artistically. The excitement is good…really good, it’s something I haven't felt about making music or making anything else for that matter for such a long time. It’s super exciting to be slowly getting back into the flow of the creative process and mindset. Now…why if I feel all these good things about being excited and growing would the other side be scary? I haven't made an EP for about 9 years (it makes me feel old saying that). The last time I made an EP was with 5 very creative and very talented guys. We would get together and develop music together…as a group. However this time round I didn’t have a group. This time round it was me, by myself, in my studio, working through idea after idea to try and develop every part of a track. That’s really scary when you get the feelings of…”it’s all on me”,“can I even do this anymore?”, “I’ve never made music like this before”. You get the idea.
Crippling self doubt is a bitch and I feel that one of the ways to silence it is to just keep making stuff…and more stuff…and more stuff. Some of that stuff will suck, some of it will be really good and some of it will be average. The point isn't to obtain some mystic idea of perfection (though it is a good motivator). The point is to simply get better at what you do, to be able to make better stuff than you did the day before, even if it’s a little bit.
I could write forever about the emotional journey of this EP. Let me put it very brief, “I’m learning to be PATIENT with the processes of creativity."

The Tracks

Each track was named specifically after some of the elements I’ve experienced of what it takes to learn patience.

1) D R E A M S:
Dreams was by far the fastest to write, I don't know how but the structure of it came together in the space of an afternoon after spending most of the morning playing with various ideas and not having any come out well, it was good to finally get something working. 

2) T E A R S:
tears was pretty much an idea I have of creating a track with a really slow build, that then broke into a big epic wall of guitars and synth. 

3) H O P E S:
I was going for an overall sound of ambient rock with some undertones of electronica. It took a little bit of time to get everything to sit together well.

4)P E R S E V E R A N C E: 
This was the first track I produced, though it was the last to be finished. This was due to the fact that after producing the rest of the tracks i felt that it was under produced, so I spent some time re arranging it. Little note...this one was the most challenging tracks to produce, as it meant re arranging and shifting all the elements around.


The Album Art

The photo of the album artwork was very kindly leant to me by my good friend Jonathan Shaw. It was taken on his iPhone while holidaying over in New Zealand…not bad for an iPhone. You can check out more of his stuff here.

Who I made this EP for.

I made this EP for mainly 2 reasons
The first reason is that I hoped it would be enjoyed by anyone who is a lover of music, particularly the instrumental type of music that i've been more and more diving into.
The second reason I made this EP is for my filmmaker friends, my hope is that my music can play a small part in helping you to tell inspiring and brilliant stories.


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